Frequently asked questions

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Does the photo booth require power?

Yes, the photo booth does require a single standard electrical outlet within fifty feet of the set-up area. The circuit must be free of all other connected loads.

Do we need Wi-Fi?

Yes. However, if your venue does not offer wifi, we can provide a mobile hotspot. Additional fees may apply

How much space do we need?

The Photo Booth requires a 10’ x 15’ solid level floor space. It can be placed in a corner or up against a wall and facing out to the room. We prefer to keep the photobooth fun near the action!

How does delivery/set up work?

We will contact you to schedule a time to deliver and set up the photo booth at your event location. If we are setting up at a rented venue, and you will not be on-site, you must confirm with your venue that one of their representatives will be there to open the doors at our scheduled delivery time.

How much time do you need to set up?

To be safe our staff will often arrive within 90 minutes or more to set up!

Do you provide props?

Yes. Our selfie mirror package includes free themed props. Want something custom, please inquire for additional details and cost.

Does your booth provide printed photos?

We offer prints as well as digital files that can be easily shared. Your guests will be able to email or text their photos to themselves to share online. The photos will also be accessible from an online gallery link that we will share with you so you can share with your guests.

Is there an additional cost for a custom overlay?

One custom designed overlay is included with the cost of the booth. Want multiple custom overlays, please inquire for additional details and cost.

How do I provide artwork for the overlay border?

Please provide us with a high-resolution company/event logo or a sample of your wedding or event invitation so we can create a coordinating overlay. We prefer a high resolution transparent .png files. Send email to [email protected]

What does the name "Au Bon Fête" mean and how do you pronounce it?

Au Bon Fête, pronounced ‘O- Bohn-Fet’ was inspired by three French words Au, Bon, and Fête.

Simply put, Au means ‘At the, or ‘To The’ (referring a place), Bon means ‘good’, and Fête means celebration or party.

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